The OLV CCD program is offering a class for developmentally challenged children, grades 1-8. This class will include children who are unable to function in a general classroom setting due to problems with their cognitive ability, expressive and receptive language skills, ability to focus, and/or developmental delays.

The program is an adaptive form of OLV CCD's curriculum; Finding God. Program coordinators will be holding an informational meeting for parents Sunday, Sept. 10th @ 11am at a TBD location to address any questions and to explain the program. We are also recruiting volunteers to assist each child while in the classroom.

To volunteer, ask any questions or enroll your child,

please contact Anne Bord @ for more information.

~Additional forms will be sent to you regarding your child's individual needs.~

The link above takes to you to the Loyola Press wear more information about these materials can be found.