Who we serve

Our Lady of Victory offers a Catholic Religious Education program for children in Kindergarten through the 11th grade for families registered at Our Lady of Victory Catholic Church in and around State College, Pennsylvania.

Where and when we meet

Grades K-8th meet on Sunday mornings from 10:45-11:50am in the gymnasium of the school building.

Religious Education for high school youth in 9th, 10th, and 11th grade meet on Sunday afternoon 2:00pm to 3:30pm.

9th & 10th Grade meet in the Activities Center and 11th grade meet in the Church Gathering Area.

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K-8 Calendar of Events and Announcements

COVID-19 Update (July 3):

I hope this summer is off to a good start for you all. Our Lady of Victory Religious Education has been working with OLVCS on a plan for the upcoming school that meets state guidelines and recommendations. We do plan to open on the same timeline as we have in the past, with new protocols in place. This plan is updated as guidelines are adjusted. Updates that require your participation will be posted in the church bulletin, this website, and when class assignments are sent at the end of August. Religious Education classes for grades K through 8 will begin on September 13.

Below are some of the current plans and measures for the fall based on current recommendations:

1. According to a variety of sources, expectations for children to mask are different at developmental stages. As local schools develop their plans for masking we will follow suit. As a starting point, we will plan that masking will be required for group work and while moving through the hallways before and after class.

2. Hand sanitizer stations have been installed in classrooms and other locations throughout the building. The building will regularly be treated with a non-toxic but very powerful Halosil hydrogen peroxide machine. A professional cleaning crew cleans the building regularly, as well, and the building will be cleaned Friday night after the school week is over. No one is in the classrooms until we begin on Sunday.

3. Classrooms will be arranged to maximize distancing between students.

4. We will not gather in the gymnasium at drop-off and pick-up. Further directions and classroom assignments will come in August.

5. Students with a temperature of at least 100.4 should not report to class for the day. As when we have had a child who is sick in the past, a child who is ill during class will be made comfortable in a location apart from other students and parents will be contacted immediately.

6. A virtual option will be made available for those who wish to homeschool. The implementation of this is in development but it will involve posting weekly assignments onto a designated website/link. We will set up a textbook/workbook pick up date and location before classes begin for those who will use our program at home. This form of instructional delivery may be placed upon us at any given moment as it was in the spring.

Here are some things that you can do to help right now:

If you have not registered your child for religious education please follow the registration link here: The option for “homeschool” is on the registration form. If you have already submitted your registration but would like to change your homeschooling status, you can email me that change. Knowing our registration numbers early will allow us to create class sizes conducive to social distancing and help overall planning and purchasing of materials.

If you are willing to teach or co-teach a religious education class, please email me. Co-teaching has been very helpful in assuring that we always have a continuity of teaching in the classroom. This is especially important this year. We needyou. Parents are going to be the best at helping children to learn while maintaining good hygiene.

Those who completed 2nd grade this year should make plans to receive first Reconciliation and Communion. Please refer to Father Dadey’s email and my own emails in regards to this.

High school Religious Education will now be under the direction of Rose Ousey. While registration is the same, please wait for Rose to provide more details about the operation.

Thank you for your attention to this email. Additional details will follow as things develop, but I wanted to let everyone know of our current course. May God bless you with a peaceful and healthful summer.


Jim Hoy

K-8 Director of Religious Education

2nd Grade Sacramental Prep. Families--Please follow the link through the First Reconciliation and Communion Link in the menu. Hopefully, we can reschedule soon.

Contact Us

Jim Hoy, DRE for K-8

Brendan and Kristy Bagley, DRE for High School:

Parish Phone: 814-237-7832