The catechists may assign homework to children in grade 2 through 8.  The homework needs to be turned in at the next scheduled class.   In addition, there will be tests over the material presented during class. 

FOR CHILDREN WHO ARE ABSENT FROM CLASS IN GRADES 3, 4, & 5 please use the following procedure to teach the lesson at home when your child is absent. Follow these steps to find the online lesson:

  1. Create an account at www.loyolapress.com.
  2. Scroll down and look for Faith Formation
  3. Look for click on Read More.
  4. On next page, scroll down Faith Formation, grade 1-8
  5. Click on Finding God
  6. On next page, click Parents & Student Resources
  7. Select grade and click on the grade desired
  8. Look for At Home Editions for parents
  9. Use your child’s textbook and schedule look in Contents to find Unit # (schedules will be posted soon).
  10. Click on the Unit number you need.  Each Unit includes 5 Sessions.
  11. Scroll to session you need.  Each session is 2 pages.  The session guide for parents follows your child’s textbook.
  12. After you teach the lesson go back to previous page and look for Interactive Session Review for the Session # you taught to your child.
  13. A quiz will pop up on the screen.  Your should child take the quiz. 
  14. At the end of the quiz there is a place to email the quiz to your catechist and a place for the child’s name.
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